Bai Chay HaLong – ideal destination for active summer days


Halong Bay was and is one of the tourist places can not fail to mention in our country. And whenever there is the opportunity to travel to this beautiful bay, would of course guests will not be missed Bai Chay – artificial beach where the famous Halong most clean and green.


On hot summer days like today, Bai Chay beach with cool blue is always the first choice of travelers in the journey to experience Halong Bay tour. Bai Chay is essentially a lozenge island 6km north of the Bay of Hai Lu, south overlooking Halong Bay. In its day it was a precursor to sandy beaches, fishermen on the beach mooring maintenance, casuarina burning leaves around to remove the fouling filled the two sides avoid broken boat, fire the smoke around so from that year, the name was born in Bai Chay. It is famous for artificial Bai Chay beach stretching over 1,000m along Halong Bay. Beach is one of the beaches attracted the most visitors of our country in the North with golden sands stretching 500m, ancient pines embrace beaches, which are alternating in the villa with diverse architecture. Bai Chay tourist site located next to the beach has become one of the most beautiful tourist area of ​​Ha Long City, including luxury restaurant chain, a water puppet shows and traditional music, national park Royal International, skiing and travel services motorcycles very interesting sea. Currently, Bai Chay not only as one of the key economic regions in the north to the port of Cai Lan and a number of large-scale shipyard, which the local tourism sector is also being interested and effective investment. With advantages adjacent to Ha Long Bay, this place is full of hotels and tourist accommodation establishments fully equipped, the restaurant diner stretches of streets, as well as the entertainment center with all kinds diverse form 24/24.

With the hallmarks of a quality tourist area, Bai Chay has become the destination was always mentioned first in notebook Halong travel experience of any visitor. Mixing with fresh air airy blue sea water purity, or enjoy fun and games on wave surfing … would of course will give you the unforgettable experience when coming to this place .