Aphrodite Cruises Introduction

Aphrodite Cruises Introduction
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Aphrodite Supreme is the first vessel of Aphrodite Cruises (VIT HaLong Company Limited), which began operations in 2011 to cater for visitors sightseeing the Halong Bay area. This vessel is the result of the combination of traditional ship building and modern techniques and facilities. This vessel includes luxurious cabins decorated in European style combined with modern western comfort.

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The vessel is 41m in length, 9m in width with 17 cabins, Aphrodite restaurant located on the 3rd deck, private Massage and Spa and Sauna area. Guests will be able to select one of 17 wide cabins with modern facilities on 1st and 2nd deck. Foreign as well as domestic guests will be pleased with the many interesting leisure activities, and the glorious splendor the Bay has to offer, ensuring our guests have the most memorable time. Sipping a glass of fine wine at the bar, and tantalizing the taste buds to the local Asian dishes or European cuisine served while you cruise the Bay. On the 4th deck guests can watch the sunrise, bathing under the sunlight of the dawn or watch as the sun sets on the horizon while relaxing and taking in the scenic wonders of the Bay.

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Guests can also take part in cooking class, game playing, sea-kayaking, reading, relaxing massage, spa and sauna, squid fishing. …

Furthermore, guests on request at time of booking can organize meetings, festivals, birthday party or conferences on the beach or in a cave. We can organize events to cater for your needs. Inspire your company’s teamwork or conduct corporate business while relaxing and taking in the picturesque scenery.

We are also equipped with a high speed launch which will transport our guests to the special locations safely and conveniently. Our guests will be accompanied to these places of interest by our enthusiastic experience staff. They will answer any question that you may have and will give you tour information about the location.

Aphrodite Cruise would be delighted to welcome you to discover Ha Long Bay. best halong bay junks